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Shameless Filler #1

August 19th, 2009 at 9:11 am

If you’re itching for the next big online philosophy argument, Jonathan Calder’s Eight Sceptical Theses on Moral Rights might be just the ticket.

The New Sophists over on Heresy Corner hauls the new Anti-Atheists over the fiery coals of reason.

Letters From a Tory dares question the mighty Wikio… and has a point.

Finally, Costigan Quist tells us not to use Mill as an “I Win” Button in arguments.

Quote of the day goes to Sunny Hundal, who seems to have made a breakthrough in understanding why fascists and socialists are always able to easily recruit from each other’s ranks and why, for both, liberalism is their true enemy:

Look, nationalism is collectivism in its basic form. It’s about social solidarity – these are pretty much basic leftwing ideals.

At least Liberal Conspiracy have the sense to go on the defensive about the threat that comes from socialists invoking nationalism as an appeal to the lowest common denominator populist sentiment. Government Ministers, on the other hand, have no shame when it comes to exploiting “good” nationalism:

The dividing lines are now clear. The Tories are for localism. We are for national standards.

Can’t quite bring himself to just come out and say:

We are for nationalism

… but you get the subtext. He does of course clarify:

Labour’s job is to speak up for the N in NHS – for national standards, national pay and national accountability

National pay? Says it all really, doesn’t it?

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