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You’re not the Lord of Me.

January 9th, 2011 at 11:36 am

John Prescott doesn't like the title Lord. Diddums.

John Prescott was the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister from the years 1997 to 2007. His name has been changed, by the Queen, to “Baron Prescott, of Kingston Upon Hull, in the County of East Yorkshire” but is, in fact, more commonly referred to by those for whom respect for authority and tradition allows as Lord Prescott.

I raise this matter because John has expressed discomfort with his new Lordly name.

“I don’t like the word Lord. It’s got a Lordly meaning to it.”

Well, yes. In many respects, that’s very much the point. The Torygraph continues:

“I’d prefer to be called a senator than a Lord. It has all these kind [sic] of implications and I get a bit embarrassed about them but it gives me a political platform. But for God’s sake let’s get rid of the word Lord and become a senator.”

Let’s see: To be a Senator would imply that the person in question had achieved their post democratically, that they were a representative of the people in some way. To be a Lord is to have done a favour for someone, or perhaps to have an ancestor who did a favour for the King or the Queen of their time.

To call John Prescott – who received his current title as thanks for his service to the previous Government – a Senator would be a lie, a fraud. John is a Lord, because that reflects the truth of the current undemocratic, favours based system that we use to fill the House of Lords.

But all is not lost, John. I share your discomfort. I’ll never call you Lord. Oh, no, please: Don’t mention it. I’m happy to help.


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